Monday, May 21, 2012

Přírodní park Šárka-Lysolaje

Location: Europe, Czech Republic

Nice park in Prague Přírodní park Šárka-Lysolaje (Natural park Šárka-Lysolaje). There is really silence there. But twice a year you can run there traditional event Šutr (Stone). Usualy in May and in October. Author create route in this park which have 18K (one lap) and you can run 1,2 or 3 laps (18, 34, 52K) - it´s simply in your hand (under your feet :-))

Some pictures you can find here:
And here is route of Šutr (Stone):

You can check official website here:

Some my pictures from the route:


  1. The forest trail looks so peaceful, and what a beautiful view of the city!

    1. Hi Em, yes, there is really paceful place.. Thanks for comment :-)


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