Sunday, June 9, 2013

Insanity: fitntest 3

Hi guys, another 14 days left and I'm here with Fit test 3. Previous week was "recovery week". Which mean no hard workouts, and whole week only one specified workout "Core cardio & Balance". I was little bit worry about reluts from this Fit test, because. I don't feel any improvements on my body during thism week, but as you can see I still have better results than previous Fit test :))

Switch  Kicks: 106 (previous FT: 85 & 54)
Power Jacks:  60 (previous FT: 57 & 57)
Power Knees: 130 (previous FT: 120 & 100)
Power Jumps: 35 (previous FT: 30 & 10)
Globe Jumps: 40 (previous FT: 32 & 30)
Suicide Jumps: 15 (previous FT: 10 & 10)
Push-Up Jacks: 23 (previous FT: 16 & 6)
Low Plank Oblique: 50 (previous FT: 49 & 30)

So my first month with Insanity is over... But no end here! I jump to the next month with more drive than in the beggining :) from now it's workouts longer and also harder. In a first month workouts take about 30-35 minutes. Now it's 55-65 minutes, oh yes... Almous doubbled.... And yes, you will feel it day after :))

I can't wait for next Fit test to see results :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Insanity: Fit Test 2

First week was really hard, but I fight... Fight for myself. You know...

So here is my next Fit Test (after two weeks):

Switch  Kicks: 85 (previous FT: 54)
Power Jacks:  57 (previous FT: 
Power Knees: 120 (previous FT: 100)
Power Jumps: 30 (previous FT: 10)
Globe Jumps: 32 (previous FT: 30)
Suicide Jumps: 10 (previous FT: 10)
Push-Up Jacks: 16 (previous FT: 6)
Low Plank Oblique: 49 (previous FT: 30)

As you can see I work hard. I really can see differents on my body... And it's only a two weeks!!!! It's huge! I have more power in my arm, shoulders, triceps... At this moment I can do 5 regullar push-ups in a row!!!! ( Clasic one, not on knees!!) Before I can do none! 

Other big improvement I can see on my legs! Now are so toned! I love it!!! I can do whole 1 minute Power Jumps! Which I really hate, but now I CAN rock them!! :)))

My weight is with no change, but my body is really changing :) actually my husband see it too (he never  see differences before - so I hope this is really huge). You know, it's so nice to hear things like : "whoo, your butt is so smaller, more toned..." or "I love you leg now, they are so strong..." 

I simply love results from my hard work!! 

I can really recomended this program! Results are real! Of course, you HAVE to work for it, but it's not like some magic pill.... It's REAL!!!

Who will go in with me??? 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Insanity challenge


Oh yes... I'm the next one, who start this program :-) I heard about it so much great things, so incredable result pics (before/after), so positive changes in minds... I simply HAVE to try it too :-)

Three days ago I start with FitTest and it was terrible.. I think, that I have some form, but... I have nothing! :-(

Here is my starting FitTest:

Switch  Kicks: 54
Power Jacks: 57
Power Knees: 100
Power Jumps: 10
Globe Jumps: 30
Suicide Jumps: 10
Push-Up Jacks: 6
Low Plank Oblique: 30

Thanks Jillian I have power to do Power Jacks, Power Knee... But still after that my legs sore so much, that I was capable for only 10 Power Jumps.... :-(
Thanks Zuzka Light I was capable do Suicide Jumps... 

I still have problem with Push-Ups, so this is the reason why I cannot finish more than 6 Push-Up Jacks :-(((

I'm completely fall in love with Insanity, because it's huge challange for me to finish it.  

So I did FitTest, then next day Plyometric Cardio Circuit and next day Cardio Power & Resistance. Yesterday I come home so late.. so I cannot continue, but I'm definetely in :-) I'm not sure if I will follow Insanity workout calendar so hard, but I will finish whole  program. At this moment I'm planning  complete as many workout as I can by originaly calendar schedule.

Let's se how I can improve my condition :-)

What about you and Insanity?

Friday, March 29, 2013

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Whoo hoo, BeFiT published complete workout from Jillian Michaels. After her 30 days shred, which is on BeFiT youtube channell for longer time, they publish another COMPLETE workout... Now it's her 6 Week Six-Pack Abs workout - Level 1.

So I have to try it....

Because I did this workout for first time, I pushed myself  "only" on 80%, let's say... I don't know some excercise etc..

But today.... My back and also Abs sore so much... Now I'm happy that I NOT push myself for max yesterday. I'm not sure If I can walk today, if I did :-)))))

It's just joke, you know.. .Anyway  - it's really good workout, definetely check it out! 

Which DVD from Jillian you tried? Which one is your favorite? For me it's definetely The Body Revolution!!! It's so effective! But also she have a fun with people in the gym... so, this is my favorite :-)

I'm also fall in love with 30 days shred - because these were my first workouts from her.. It's nostalgy, you know :-)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marks & Spencer's Lemon & Green Tea

I find this tea and fall in love wit it in a first secon d :-)

Why? I have more reason.....

- great taste!
- no added sugar (I hate drink, where sugar is in first-second place - I don't buy them ANYTIME!)
- low calorie (Usually I mix this Tea with water - half&half)
- so refreshly!

Here is ingrediesnts list and also Nutricion facts:

Here is one BIG but... all M&S drinks are not same :-( Unfortunately you have to choose very carefully!!!

So again - READ ETIKETS on ALL things you plan eat/drink ANYTIME! and DON'T eat/drink anything, which is not good for you!

Do you know M&S drink? Like it? Which one you can reccomend me?

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hugh Laurie - New Album soon

Yes yes yes!

This is News a month for me... I LOVE his music. His first album Let Them Talk is with me all the time! It's the best relax for me.

When I'm sad, ungry etc.... I simply play this album and in a few minutes my mind is so clear and calm....

He publish yesterday on his official site news, that new album is comming :-)

I can't wait....

So If you love this guy like me, put reminder to you calendar... big day will be: on May 6h this year!!!!! :-)


Perfect App - Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Firts at all.... I'm not a fan of counting calories for whole life! I think, that it's too much limiting for normal life. BUT - everyone should know how many calories eat /for real picture of life/. I mean approximately amount of every food can help you so much... Because if you don't know real ammount of calories in ... let's say.. pizza, maybe you think, that it's okay for you... Actually whole salami pizza is REALLY TO MUCH for lunch... :-)))) etc...

So.. I found this App:

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal

It's for iPhone & iPad too and you can download it for FREE from iTunes:

 It's very easy to use and also funny. I LIKE track my foods & also my workout in this App. 

 Here is main screen - global info about your day, how many calories you eat (and also how many Carbs/Fat/Protein) and how many calories you burn by excercies:


Here is my workout for this day: 

And my food - you have 4 different part for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks. Database of foods is HUGE in this app.. really! I found 90% of foods by one click. The rest you can put manually.

You can also track your hydration - see left bottom corner - Water.

The big part of this app is friends - you can easily share your goals with your friends, which actually keep you motivated... and of course you can motivate your friends too! 

So help each other to life better, consume good food, be active, be healthy...! Your body is the only one place, you can life - so take care of your body!!!

Are you in? :-)