Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Insanity challenge


Oh yes... I'm the next one, who start this program :-) I heard about it so much great things, so incredable result pics (before/after), so positive changes in minds... I simply HAVE to try it too :-)

Three days ago I start with FitTest and it was terrible.. I think, that I have some form, but... I have nothing! :-(

Here is my starting FitTest:

Switch  Kicks: 54
Power Jacks: 57
Power Knees: 100
Power Jumps: 10
Globe Jumps: 30
Suicide Jumps: 10
Push-Up Jacks: 6
Low Plank Oblique: 30

Thanks Jillian I have power to do Power Jacks, Power Knee... But still after that my legs sore so much, that I was capable for only 10 Power Jumps.... :-(
Thanks Zuzka Light I was capable do Suicide Jumps... 

I still have problem with Push-Ups, so this is the reason why I cannot finish more than 6 Push-Up Jacks :-(((

I'm completely fall in love with Insanity, because it's huge challange for me to finish it.  

So I did FitTest, then next day Plyometric Cardio Circuit and next day Cardio Power & Resistance. Yesterday I come home so late.. so I cannot continue, but I'm definetely in :-) I'm not sure if I will follow Insanity workout calendar so hard, but I will finish whole  program. At this moment I'm planning  complete as many workout as I can by originaly calendar schedule.

Let's se how I can improve my condition :-)

What about you and Insanity?

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