Monday, May 13, 2013

Insanity: Fit Test 2

First week was really hard, but I fight... Fight for myself. You know...

So here is my next Fit Test (after two weeks):

Switch  Kicks: 85 (previous FT: 54)
Power Jacks:  57 (previous FT: 
Power Knees: 120 (previous FT: 100)
Power Jumps: 30 (previous FT: 10)
Globe Jumps: 32 (previous FT: 30)
Suicide Jumps: 10 (previous FT: 10)
Push-Up Jacks: 16 (previous FT: 6)
Low Plank Oblique: 49 (previous FT: 30)

As you can see I work hard. I really can see differents on my body... And it's only a two weeks!!!! It's huge! I have more power in my arm, shoulders, triceps... At this moment I can do 5 regullar push-ups in a row!!!! ( Clasic one, not on knees!!) Before I can do none! 

Other big improvement I can see on my legs! Now are so toned! I love it!!! I can do whole 1 minute Power Jumps! Which I really hate, but now I CAN rock them!! :)))

My weight is with no change, but my body is really changing :) actually my husband see it too (he never  see differences before - so I hope this is really huge). You know, it's so nice to hear things like : "whoo, your butt is so smaller, more toned..." or "I love you leg now, they are so strong..." 

I simply love results from my hard work!! 

I can really recomended this program! Results are real! Of course, you HAVE to work for it, but it's not like some magic pill.... It's REAL!!!

Who will go in with me??? 

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