Thursday, March 28, 2013

Marks & Spencer's Lemon & Green Tea

I find this tea and fall in love wit it in a first secon d :-)

Why? I have more reason.....

- great taste!
- no added sugar (I hate drink, where sugar is in first-second place - I don't buy them ANYTIME!)
- low calorie (Usually I mix this Tea with water - half&half)
- so refreshly!

Here is ingrediesnts list and also Nutricion facts:

Here is one BIG but... all M&S drinks are not same :-( Unfortunately you have to choose very carefully!!!

So again - READ ETIKETS on ALL things you plan eat/drink ANYTIME! and DON'T eat/drink anything, which is not good for you!

Do you know M&S drink? Like it? Which one you can reccomend me?

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